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    • With the furnishing of the Somedia Media Centre in Chur SITAG has the chance to succeeded once more with competences in planning as well as in providing convincing individualized problem solutions on the basis of its experience with customized solutions. In pioneering manner, the building-use concept unites the areas of news, commercial activities and administration – and offers room for around 320 staff. The smooth and flawless integration of special and series-production models enables perfect adaptation to customer requirements. For Making-Of Video

  • Tom Lüthi goes for SITAG
    • Whether a hundredth of a second or eight hours a day: anyone working at full speed needs comfortable seating. This is the opinion of both Moto2 racing driver Tom Lüthi and us. Not only do we both have a passion for "hot seats", we also have an unwavering determination to turn in top performance.

      To our "hot" seats