About Sitag

SITAG for the environment


Increasing awareness of ecological behaviour is a feature of our products, from their creation to their disposal. We attach particular importance to protecting the environment within the context of our business responsibility.


By sustainability, we understand a balanced relationship between protecting the environment, social responsibility and taking account of economic aspects as a basis for lasting company success.


This includes, above all, working responsibly with resources, because only a durable product will also be an ecologically sound product.


The result is high quality, environmentally friendly and durable products in which design and function correspond.


→ Certification for sustainable climate protection



Because design should have not only a visible but also a functional and ecological use, in product design, development, choice of material and production, as well as in the distribution, use and disposal of our products, we strive for as high a level of environmental compatibility as possible.


Thanks to our own recycling and disposal concept, the ecological chain is closed again, even after many years.


Our production methods follow the SIS Standard (SITAG Industrial Standard) and we are ISO 9001 certified. We therefore organize our production according to demanding quality management criteria and ISO 14001 integrated environmental management, which guarantees a constantly high ecological standard and therefore further limits the effects on the environment.



SITAG makes its products from high quality materials, using the latest technology and, thanks to the technically qualified and skilled specialist staff, they are efficient, cost-optimized, durable products that are great value for money.


Our products also have a timeless and elegant form and do not follow any short-lived trends in fashion, because from stability of form comes longevity.


Cutting back to selected materials and the best possible use of material protects natural resources and provides our products with a service life of at least 12 years.


For example, foams are expanded without the use of CFCs and foam backings are made from recycled plastic.


All timbers come from controlled forestry, and we do not use any exotic species. The finishing of wooden surfaces is based on water-soluble paint and varnish systems.


The clever metal and aluminium structures also mean that individual components can be sorted according to type.

The modern machines guarantee not only uniform quality, but also take account of eco-relevant requirements in the production phase.


→ Brochure Ecology and Environment