About Sitag


Quality & Ergonomics


Our whole agenda is based on the two cornerstones of quality and ergonomics. In other words: our products are intended for intensive use, in every respect.



SITAG stands for traditional, expertly crafted products combined with the use of the latest technology and high quality materials, in accordance with international norms and standards.


Through regular CI (continuous improvement) meetings between technical managers, quality assurance and customer service staff, the products we create are durable and reliable.


We produce according to SITAG industrial Standard (SIS), and we are certified per ISO 9001. We organize our production according to the demanding criteria of the Quality-Management / occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard OHSAS 18001 and of Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 – which guarantee constantly superior, top-quality, and ecological results.


Quality can be felt!

It is the way in which elements match and fit each other. How materials are processed and feel. It is the comfort enjoyed.


Quality can also be measured!

In innumerable tests, after a lot of use.


And quality can be organized!

From the first idea to the final inspection, SITAG is focused on quality. Quality that can still be felt even after many years.



SITAG is convinced that offices are created for people who place individual demands on their working environment.

SITAG produces office chairs and furniture that take account of the ergonomic demands of the body and therefore have a positive effect on health and wellbeing.


We have set ourselves the goal of optimizing your work place and environment and meeting your requirements so that the load can be kept as light as possible.


We achieve this by taking account of technical, medical, psychological and social and ecological knowledge. “The better you feel, the better you perform”.


A workplace that is ergonomically optimized ensures not only sufficient freedom of movement but also brings a lot of dynamics into the daily routine.


This makes for more satisfied staff, higher efficiency and a good working atmosphere.