About Sitag

Research & Development


What makes good design? What is contemporary?

What is that something else?


The answers can only be found by someone who is prepared to embrace the new and unusual. We are inspired. So our products will inspire you.


Think Tank for perfection

The SITAG development department in Sennwald (Switzerland) is both design mill and think tank. This is where the concepts for the design and applications of SITAG products come about. Made possible by the intensive communication between SITAG development experts and SITAG staff from the sales, marketing, production and service areas, as well as the collaboration with famous designers. All are committed to one thing: developing perfect chairs and furniture for living and working in the office.


SITAG brings together all of the skills under one roof, so that it can satisfy furnishing requirements as efficiently as necessary and as individually as possible. Our own technical development, wood cutting, CNC processing, robotic production, painting, pattern-cutting, upholstery, foam, sewing and veneering departments means that every piece of SITAG furniture comes from the one place, from the first idea, to the final quality check.


SITAG vereinigt alle Kompetenzen unter einem Dach, um Einrichtungswünsche so effizient wie nötig und so individuell wie möglich umzusetzen. Eigene Abteilungen für technische Entwicklung, Holzzuschnitt, CNC-Bearbeitung, Roboterfertigung, Lackieren, Zuschneiden, Polstern, Schäumen, Nähen und Furnierarbeiten lassen jedes SITAG-Möbel von der ersten Idee bis zum letzten Qualitäts-Check komplett unter einem Dach entstehen.


Precision is the concurrence between concept and product.

It is the thread that runs through every development at SITAG. Because only with the greatest possible precision can innovative concepts come about. And only precision that enables us to provide exactly the product experience you expect.