About Sitag

A milestone in the edge processing by revolutionary laser technology


The Homag laserTec manufacturing process is new, not previously achieved production standards in quality, productivity and efficiency in the office furniture industry. With the manufacturing plant for the processing of edges in the company's location Sennwald SITAG terrific product guarantees results, and an almost perfect work look.


Edges of the highest grade

By using this innovative technology SITAG reached another important competitive advantage in the quality of alignment. This revolutionary process of edge processing also improves the moisture and heat resistance in the combination of edge and plate.


SITAG – always an edge ahead!


Your advantages:

  • Quality and productivity optimization in the furniture manufacturing SITAG
  • perfect resultsedges of the highest grade of optical zero joint
  • improved moisture resistance in the combination of edge and plate
  • increased heat resistance in the combination of edge and plate
  • significantly higher bond strength than conventional methods of edge
  • Freedom in material and color selection
  • more efficient production process through intelligent use of resources
  • less adhesive residue or dirt at the edges
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable process
  • Intelligent, high-quality furniture for all areas of the world of work
  • opens up new possibilities in health caresuch as in laboratorieshospitals and research institutes