The accordance of an idea or a concept

with the eventually finished product is calles precision. But until this is achieved, a certain process has always taken place in the meantime. Such processes are often a major challenge for all those involved. Accepting challenges was also a condition for all those involved who were meant to work for the new offices of International Capital Management. It was only thanks to a common pursuit that the new premises became what ICM had wished for: Creating a sustainable reference.


When it comes to interior design for companies, there is one top priority: Corporate philosophy must be palpable. A brand experience must take place and this is also why the work started with an analysis of the ICM brand. The work thus started with a lot of research: What do the company and the associated brand stand for? Which corporate philosophy does it pursue? Which products are offered? Who is behind it? What kind of people work and present themselves here? How many people move around in the new premises? What are the functions the premises are to fulfil?


Finally, it was still equally important to find the perfect production partner for the entire concept. With the Swiss office furniture manufacturer SITAG AG, she unerringly found the right professional who would be able to make visible, palpable and perceptible the earlier conceptual staging of the rooms, furniture but also accessory products. SITAG has been firmly established within the office furniture industry for decades and has always stood for innovative and ergonomically mature office furniture with trendsetting designs. In numerous interviews and meetings directly with the CEO of ICM, Curt Steffen Walker, the new office thus took shape step by step, so that the premises were to be finally also suited for the functions of a modern transparent and dynamic financial service provider.


he wooden Ziricote chosen by the ICM impresses with a unique grain. Each veneer is unique. There, in the ICM instance, we show the processing of a high-quality veneer »step by step«. Nothing is left to chance in the process. Each work stage is perfectly planned by production manager Thomas Untersander (photo at the very top right) and carried out by top staff. But in addition to many individual orders, this is also the place where a standard programme is devised. It ranges from ergonomically mature and individually designed office swivel chairs and conference chairs, armchairs and seating groups for reception and waiting areas through to system and exclusive furniture or complete conferencing solutions.


Whether it was for financial trading workstations or special designs of screen supports, all work was carefully planned. All pieces of furniture, both office and entertainment furniture, were then fed into the 3D spatial model in their original size and colour and presented to ICM again. The veneer for the large tabletop in the meeting room was even selected directly on the spot together with Swiss supplier »Banderet«, Arbon. In the end, the selected design matched the overall concept perfectly!

And this is exactly one of the many specialities of SITAG: Absolutely tailor-made and individually manufactured office furniture at customers’ request.


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