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The new construction of the Raiffeisen bank in flawil, in the Canton of St. Gallen, Switzerland, is located in the very centre of the city. This is not only combines the above-stated and diverse requirements of a bank, but also represents a successful link among public, business, and private uses.

33 office workplaces

were outfitted with SITAG office furniture. All offer height-adjustable desks from the SITAGACTIVE line and Linoleum for desk top, because of its pleasant surface feel, its ease of cleaning, and its benefits for the environment. This Furniture Linoleum Desk Top® von Forbo is manufactured on the basis of sustainable raw materials, and is impressive owing to its pleasant haptic feedback and its characteristic matt appearance. Elements from the SITAG MCS line serve here as storage systems near the workplace – and once again prove the great flexibility and adaptability of the MCS line.


All workplaces are furnished with SITAGEGO operator swivel chairs with full upholstery made of black leather. They adapt quickly and easily to all individual sitting and work requirements. The highly versatile MCS cabinet system provides perfectly organized storage space, and acts as a room divider at the same time. The fl exibly adaptable printer platforms, CPU holders, and the electric-powered height-adjustment of the desks from the SITAGACTIVE line assure effi cient and tidy workplaces.


For conference and meeting area s, the highly versatile SITAG MCS line of desks was selected, rounded out by the conference armchairs from SITAGLINE, as a cantilever chair made of chrome-plated rectangular tube – and in the large conference area with chrome-plated chair bases.



Individual customer wishes come true

For the adjacent Mocafe of the Flawil bakery-pastry Lichtensteiger all lounge chairs and tables were made specifically to designs by Marcus Gossolt. The result - classically elegant lounge chair in an ambience furnished with great attention to detail, which can become another highlight of this striking new building in the heart Fawils the Mocafe.


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