• When visions become reality

    If our creative designers make sketches, then you see always innovative ideas. But if these ideas are still implementable, beyond functional and stylish at the same time, it is certainly a very special product line: SITAGINLINE CONFERENCE. Whether the conference table or desk, the selected disc forms are constructed in variable form.

    Individual solutions for the modern, exclusive conference area


    The flexible and versatile table system SITAGINLINE CONFERENCE for conference areas impresses with its sophisticated, modern style. By the two-color X-frame a three-dimensional effect of depth is achieved. Combined with both sides painted and veneered material panels results in a slight, seemingly floating overall appearance.

    The high-quality conference table program for management areas include different top shapes and sizes. In addition to the X--frame optionally are also an A-frame and a column base available.

    Among to its elegant appearance, the varied conference and working table program also features on good internal values​​. Individually SITAGINLINE CONFERENCE can be equipped with custom-made modern media technology. The individual components of the sockets up to connections for iPhone or iPad can easily be integrated.

  • When visions become reality

    Base frames:

    The integrated aluminum bar allows you to move the feet in the optimum position. The electrification will be made from the floor by the foot on the table (except for the A-frame). Three base variants are available:



    By the two-color X-frame a three-dimensional effect of depth is achieved. Four colors are at choice. The cover is alwaxs in chrome.



    Chromed pedestal with its cantilevers appear very light and elegant thanks to its cone foots.


    Column frame:

    The use of column frames ensures freedom of leg movement and therefore an optimal utilization  by the chair placement.


    Cable duct:

    Cable duct can be adapted on the right lenght by telescope version. If that application is not be needed, a light version (not extensible) is available for supply.


    Table tops:

    Both sides painted or veneered material panels. Thanks to the facet arise as a result a floating and light appearance.


    Table dimensions straight (height 74 cm):


    Length in cm:          180,  200,  220,  240,  260,  280,  300

    Width in cm:            90,  100,  120


    Table dimensions boat-shaped (height 74 cm):


    Length in cm:           180,  200,  220,  240,  260,  280,  300, 320

    Width in cm:            90,  100,  130

  • When visions become reality

  • When visions become reality