• 24-hours chair SITAGPOINT resilient up to 150kg body weight

    An operator swivel chair used 24 hours a day in multi-shift work undergoes almost 5 times the stresses experienced in normal office use. For this reason, it must not only be stable and reliable, but must also be simply and quickly adaptable to the individual needs of its various users.


    The 24-hour version from the SITAGPOINT range perfectly satisfies all these requirements. Its synchronous tilt adjustment for backrest and seat inclination always guarantees the optimal relationship between seat and backrest tilt – which enables dynamic sitting. It automatically adapts to the sitting posture of the user and is equipped with a sliding seat. This synchronous adjustment can be locked at 3 positions – and a convenient setting at the side allows chair adjustment to the body weight of the user.


    Positioning the lumbar support, based on the world-famous Schukra principle, is just as simple. The armrests, which are swivel-mounted, can also be set for height, width and depth. The headrest can likewise be adjusted for height and tilt.


    A wide choice of extremely rugged covers, in an extensive selection of colours, is available: for example, in leather, in the “Extreme” cover made of 100 % Trevira CS, in “Fame” made of 95 % worsted spinning wool and 5 % polyamide, etc. Models without headrests and without armrests, as well as with the special Schukra lumbar support, are likewise possible, as well as more additional options. One option, for example, is a cover for the backrest shell – and the chairs can be additionally equipped with adjustment of seat tilt, gas-spring protector and with coat hanger.


    That special version is especiall y robust (also up to 150 kg body weight) owing to reinforced gas spring, five-star aluminium base (powder-finished upon request) and armrest supports made of aluminium!



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  • 24-hours chair SITAGPOINT resilient up to 150kg body weight


    Castors with load-controlled braking. Material: polypropylene (recyclable), non-chalking. Load-support limit: 50 kg per double castor. Standard version with hard castors for carpets; if requested, with soft castors for wood and synthetic floors.



    Pressure-diecast aluminium (recyclable); static load-bearing capacity > 1.400 kg. The diameter of the base satisfies design guidelines for chair dimensions to prevent the chair from tipping over. Powder-finished upon request.


    Height adjustment

    With safety gas spring for comfortable deep-spring cushioning. The gas spring supports no lateral forces. The seat support and the gas spring are not rigidly connected to each other.


    Mechanical system

    Synchronous mechanism with spring-force setting to the side. Designed to satisfy the latest ergonomic and functional demands. Especially wide opening angle for the backrest (25-30°). The seat-pitch and backrest-tilt angles can be locked in 3 positions.

    Material for load-bearing parts: pressure-diecast aluminium (recyclable).


    Dynamic sitting

    The point-synchronous adaptation to user’s movements eliminates the sliding effect on the user’s back (no „shirt-pulloff“ effect). The lumbar zone of the backrest always remains at the same point. The mechanical system can be set to continuous function: the chair automatically adjusts to the movements of the user (dynamic sitting). A mechanical spring allows the user to adjust the pressure of the backrest to his or her own individual needs. This spring produces progressively increasing pressure, the farther back the user leans.



    The backrest is cubic in form with a design that offers good lateral support. In addition, the backrest can be set in 8 positions and adjusted 7 cm vertically.



    The seating surface has pronounced rounding in the front area, to prevent constriction of circulation in the thighs. The axis of the seating-surface tilt action is located toward the front, to maintain floor contact during synchronous movement of seat and backrest. Optionen: a) with sliding seat b) with seat pitch (3°).



    Armrest supports made of aluminium, especially robust.

    T-armrests: adjustable for height and width; with Soft Pads.

    Multifunction-armrests: swivelling armrests adjustable for height, width and depth; with Soft Pads.



    Cold-moulded foam on upholstery support. Contains no chlorofluorohydrocarbons (CFC). The foam is fire-resistant in accordance with DIN 75200.



    The cover material is loosely upholstered onto breathable, open-pore, moulded foam: which assures breathability and vapour permeability. The high-quality upholstery assures that no build-up of heat can take place in the chair.


    Exterior shells

    Backrest available with synthetic shell or optional with full upholstery.


    Synthetic materials

    The synthetic materials are especially marked and can be recycled. The paints used do not contain heavy metals.


    Conformity with standards

    Swivel-chair program in accordance with DIN EN 1335.

  • 24-hours chair SITAGPOINT resilient up to 150kg body weight

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  • 24-hours chair SITAGPOINT resilient up to 150kg body weight