• SITAG REALITY - Aesthetic and definitely “with it”

    Transparent and functional. SITAG Reality represents a milestone in the development of swivel office chairs under functional and ecological aspects. Reality has harmonized numerous adaptation possibilities with sort purity and the reduction of material application. With its distinctive seat design and inherently elastic backrest, together with its synchronous mechanism, SITAG Reality assures great sitting.


    SITAG offers visitors’ and conference chairs to match our individual swivel-chair models.

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  • SITAG REALITY - Aesthetic and definitely “with it”

    Mechanical system

    Point-synchronous mechanical system with locking in 7 positions for adjustment of seat inclination and backrest tilt, and with negative sitting tilt of 5° toward the front, including function for individual adjustment to match body weight. Recyclable.

    Dynamic sitting

    The point-synchronous adaptation to user’s movements eliminates the sliding effect on the user’s back (no „shirt-pulloff“ effect). The lumbar zone of the backrest always remains at the same point. The mechanical system can be set to continuous function: the chair automatically adjusts to the movements of the user (dynamic sitting). The backrest tilts 4° forward past the vertical. This assures that the backrest also supports the back, even during manual work at a desk. A mechanical spring allows the user to adjust the pressure of the backrest to his or her own individual needs. This spring produces progressively increasing pressure, the farther back the user leans.


    The high backrest with height adjustment is designed such that it supports the lumbar area, and provides good lateral support. In addition, a lever is provided to limit the forward movement of the backrest. An attachable coat hanger (black) is available as an option.

    Seating surface

    The seating surface has pronounced rounding in the front area, to prevent constriction of circulation in the thighs. The axis of the seating-surface tilt action is located toward the front, to maintain floor contact during synchronous movement of seat and backrest. The pelvis support has been designed to effectively prevent the pelvis from tipping to the rear. A sliding seat is available as option.


    Design armrests: adjustable in height and width.
    Ring-shaped armrests: adjustable for height and width.

  • SITAG REALITY - Aesthetic and definitely “with it”

  • SITAG REALITY - Aesthetic and definitely “with it”