• SITAGEGO - Clever Seating

    SITAGEGO uniquely combines the advantages of a power back with the advantages of traditional upholstery techniques. Clear and easy to use, it gives its user support where needed, without him, however narrow. As a functional element between constructive frame structure and breathable, three-dimensional tissue function takes a specially designed comfort-PP membrane, available in different colors move to the sitting and adapts to its reactive movements. The chair allows a high degree of configurations, so that each user can adjust with simple steps the best for him sitting position.


    The excellent functional swivel chair Sitagego which is honoured with the coveted "red dot award" underlines its innovative design with its eye-catching backrest look. The high-quality office chair is also available with a fully upholstered backrest, which is optionally offered in fabric or leather.


    The program is rounded off by matching visitor and conference chairs. Whether as a cantilever or conference swivel chair with liftmatic height adjustment and tilt mechanism, SITAGEGO, with its pioneering design an attractive contribution to the design of the working environment.

    Combination of aesthetic and comfort

    The result was a special comfort membrane based on the layered structure of a running shoe, to guarantee maximum comfort.

    Awards & Certificates

  • SITAGEGO - Clever Seating

    Mechanical system

    Synchronous mechanical system with fast lateral spring-force adjustment by means of a slide element. Designed to satisfy the latest ergonomic and functional requirements and expectations. Especially large opening angle for the backrest (25 to 30°). The angle of tile of the seat and the backrest can be locked in three latching positions. Material: the loadbearing parts are made of recyclable pressure diecast aluminium.

    Dynamic sitting

    The point-synchronous adaptation to user’s movements eliminates the sliding effect on the user’s back (i.e., there is no “shirt-pulloff” effect). The lumbar zone of the backrest always remains at the same point. The mechanical system can be set to continuous function: this means that the chair automatically adjusts to the movements of the user (dynamic sitting). Mechanical springs allow the user to quickly and easily adjust the pressure of the backrest to his or her own individual needs. These springs produce pleasant progressively increasing pressure, the farther back the user leans.


    Filigree-like, highly breathable backrest cover made of elastic, 3-D functional woven mesh fabric "Leopard" with black supporting material. The woven-mesh backrest cover is additionally provided with elastic support by a membrane that uniformly distributes the pressure effects. A spring provides torsionally elastic support for the backrest frame, which produces a pendulum effort for the seatback – and leads in turn to optimal support of the edges of the user’s pelvis. On request an height-adjustable lumbar support can be integrated in the seatback. Optionally available with a headrest.

    Seating surface

    An ergonomically designed seating surface that has pronounced rounding in the forward area, to prevent constriction of circulation in the thighs. The axis the forward area, to prevent constriction of circulation in the thighs. The axis of the seating-surface tilt action is located toward the front of the seat, to of the seating-surface tilt action is located toward the front of the seat, to maintain floor contact during synchronous movement of seat and backrest. The especially designed sitting area is shaped in the back area in such a way to effectively prevent the pelvis from tipping to the rear. The standard version always features a sliding seat.


    Multi-function armrests: adjustable in height and width, and to the front and rear. Swivel action with Soft Pads.

  • SITAGEGO - Clever Seating

  • SITAGEGO - Clever Seating