• SITAGPOINT MESH - Especially charming!

    The task svivel chair SITAGPOINT MESH combines all that constitutes healthy and comfortable seating in a concentrated form - a classical design for a competitive price and above all of SITAG quality! SITAGPOINT MESH is based on the basic technical structure of the proven concept of SITAGPOINT.


    The mesh back provides good lateral support and a button from a sitting position in eight steps adjustable (7 cm) in height. The network is available either in timeless black or four other attractive colors. High seating comfort, the synchronized mechanism with individual control of body weight and the variable between the seat and backrest tilt angle in four positions (optional).

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  • SITAGPOINT MESH - Especially charming!

    Mechanical system

    Synchronous mechanical system with lateral spring-force setting. Design to assure meeting the most advanced ergonomicand functional requirements; especially wide opening angle of the backrest (25 – 30 °); capability of locking theseat-pitch angle and backrest angle in 3 latching positions.Material: pressure-diecast aluminium for the load-supporting parts, which can be recycled.

    Dynamic sitting

    The point-synchronous adaptation to user’s movements eliminates the sliding effect on the user’s back (i.e., there is no“shirt-pulloff” effect). The lumbar zone of the backrest always remains at the same point. The mechanical system canbe set to continuous function: this means that the chair automatically adjusts to the movements of the user (dynamicsitting). Mechanical springs allow the user to quickly and easily adjust the back pressure of the backrest to his or herown individual needs. These springs produce pleasant progressively increasing pressure, the farther back the userleans.


    Filigree-like backrest, with cubic design and with breathable cover for the woven-mesh backrest. In addition, thebackrest can be adjusted in 8 vertical positions, at intervals of 7 cm.

    Seating surface

    An ergonomically designed seating surface that has pronounced rounding in the forward area, to prevent constrictionof circulation in the thighs. The axis of the seating-surface tilt action is located toward the front of the seat, tomaintain floor contact during synchronous movement of seat and backrest. The sliding seat is standard and can beadjusted by 6.5 cm. Options: with seat pitch (3 °).


    T-armrests: adjustable in height and width, with Soft Pads.Multi-function armrests: adjustable in height and width, and to the front and rear; swivel action with Soft Pads.

  • SITAGPOINT MESH - Especially charming!

  • SITAGPOINT MESH - Especially charming!