• Take a seat. Enjoy the SITAGWAVE.

    Enjoy supreme comfort without having to make any adjustments. However you sit on the SITAGWAVE, both the backrest and the seat adapt to your body in every direction, completely on their own. Pushing buttons and complicated settings are a thing of the past - thanks to a combination of two new technologies.


    SITAG SPRING-MOTION means that the chair adapts to every movement its user makes. This relieves pressure on the pelvis and on the hips when sitting for a long time. This system is combined with SITAG FLOW-TECH: the extremely elastic backrest takes the effects of pressure and adapts to the rotations of the back and upper body. Just sink into the SITAGWAVE, it will do the rest and adapt to you. Not the other way around.


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    Tom Lüthi, the most successful Swiss motorcycle racer for decades, is a fan of SITAGWAVE and patron of the SITAGWAVE Special Edition with embroidered Tom Lüthi logo. In this red-hot chair on five wheels, the user can sink in comfort like Tom Lüthi does on his motorbike. The office chair, like Luthi’s bike, combines the ultimate in movement and sitting characteristics with an optimum of reliability.

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  • Take a seat. Enjoy the SITAGWAVE.

    Mechanical system

    The mechanical principle is with the FREENESS system, for free sitting with synchronous effect and integrated comfortable deep vertical cushioning.

    Dynamic sitting


    This chair adapts to each movement of its user, both backrest as well as seat. This means that the user can freely select the motion sequence and chair play in all directions without restriction. This chair supports the body in all sitting postures, and positively activates the musculature. The mobile mounting of the seat supports and strengthens the back and pelvis muscles. Great user comfort without extensive settings. Adapts to all users.


    Filigree, functional backrest of synthetic material. The elastic backrest structure effectively cushions pressure effects, and adapts to the user’s back and his or her upper-body rotation. The height of the backrest can be adjusted to two positions. The backrest is available in two versions: as partial pad upholstery, or as full upholstery.



    The backrest can be covered with a knitted fabric, pleather "Decvin Contract" or micro-fibre "Comfort.



    SITAGWAVE seats with full upholstery are made using a innovative process electro-welding in which fabric and upholstery foam are really welded together, resulting in the surface structure with the typical cross-pieces. At choice are cover materials "Comfort", a micro-fibre fabric and "Flex", a fabric made from hard-wearing polyester.


    The seat upholstery can be covered with any of the coverings from the SITAG collection.

    Seating surface

    The seating surface automatically adapts to the user’s movement, and has pronounced rounding in the front area, to prevent constriction of circulation in the thighs. The axis of the seating-surface tilt action is located toward the front, to maintain floor contact during synchronous movement of seat and backrest. The pelvis support has been extensively designed to effectively prevent the pelvis from tipping to the rear.


    Design armrests: adjustable in height and width.

  • Take a seat. Enjoy the SITAGWAVE.

  • Take a seat. Enjoy the SITAGWAVE.