• Table set with system

    Thanks to its flexibility, the SITAGCX table system is perfectly suited for any dynamic office environment of today. At the turn of a hand, it can transform conference and training rooms and match them to the situations of use as needed.


    The central element of SITAGCX is the table leg. They are installed and un-installed, without tools, by two clamp levers. In addition, the legs serve as connectors of the individual tabletop sections to form many and various table combinations.


    The great variety of tabletop section sizes and forms, as well as the ingenious – and ingeniously simple – installation system of the table leg mean that SITAGCX offers endless variation possibilities. Round, oval, triangular, U-shaped, closed, and open arrangements are possible and are simply set up and disassembled.



    An advanced and clear design,

    together with installation without tools, give SITAGCX its unique product characteristics. The innovative table-leg installation system means that fewer table legs are necessary – which not only looks good, but also provides more space for seating.


    SITAGCX offers planners freedom in the design of conference, training, and meeting zones. Its flexibility offers many and various combinations in the outfitting of individually employed rooms – and in outfitting with permanently installed table systems. The innovative connection system of the table leg enables joining table combinations without tools. This allows only one person to easily set up large table combinations and to disassemble them just as quickly.

  • Table set with system

    Table tops            

    Covered or veneered on both sides, 30mm thick panels, variable in shape and dimensions, straight top: 70 – 200 cm wide, 70 – 80 cm deep (height 74 cm) arc shape solid wooden support material ("Stable board")


    Base frame

    Modular table system connected by design aluminium base, fitted with levelling sliders


    Cable management

    Horizontal cable management using cable clamps

    Vertical cable management using cable duct made from metal, powder black


    Electrical supply

    Different electrical units




    Bases and tops are delivered individually, rapid conversions thanks to intelligent system



    Surfaces (values in accordance with EN 527)



    SIS Standard (SITAG Industrial Standard)

    Quality management system ISO 9001

    Environmental management system ISO 14001

    Occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001



    5 year warranty with average use of 8 hours on 222 working days per year



    In-house recycling and disposal concept. This ensures that the ecological chain is closed again, even years later. The sophisticated design of the metal, aluminium and wood allows the individual materials to be cleanly separated for recycling.

  • Table set with system

  • Table set with system