• SITAGACTIVE - Fits in smoothly

    The electronic SITAGACTIVE is stable, quiet, and fast. It features outstanding quality and offers a highly attractive cost-benefit ratio. Since SITAGACTIVE desks have no additional crossbar, they can be combined with mobile underdesk pedestals up to 60 cm high. The swing-down cable duct can also be retrofitted – for a plus in flexibility and adaptation to changing conditions of use.


    Desks with motor-driven height adjustment promote changes between standing, sitting, and moving. This relieves the back, trains posture muscles, improves breathing, stimulates cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal systems, and promotes general well-being. With its SITAGACTIVE line of models, SITAG offers a desk range that meets the trend to desks with variable height. The design and variation possibilities allow SITAGACTIVE to be highly effectively and variation possibilities allow SITAGACTIVE to be highly effectively integrated into any office ambience.

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  • SITAGACTIVE - Fits in smoothly

    Infinitely height adjustement MV

    infinitely adjustement through the teleskope laterals by using the allen key from 65 - 85 cm.

    Infinitely height adjustement EV

    electrical height adjustment from 72 - 120 cm

    Infinitely height adjustement EVT

    electrical height adjustment from 68 - 128 cm

  • SITAGACTIVE - Fits in smoothly

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  • SITAGACTIVE - Fits in smoothly