Workspace of tomorrow

New report: Workspace of tomorrow. What could a hybrid office look like?

This report presents our most interesting solutions for workplace organisation in the nearest future. It is designed as a source of inspiration and assistance in creating the office of tomorrow. Remote work? Hybrid work? How will a change in work arrangement impact the layout and functionality of the offices?

It’s been one year since we switched to the new reality, where a home becomes your office and an office is suddenly your home. Some companies continue to operate remotely and some invited their employees to return to the offices in various forms and to a different extent. The hybrid model, which involves a combination of office and remote work, is becoming increasingly popular these days. And it’s for the companies that have opted for (or are considering) the hybrid model that we came up with the Communication Hub. It is a sample modern meeting place, which facilitates the exchange of knowledge and supports diverse needs of its users. This is an office that responds to all those needs that became the most pronounced during the pandemic – most employees admit they miss face to face meetings as opposed to talking to the computer screen.

In the report titled Workspace of tomorrow:

  • Do we need offices?
  • The future is hybrid working
  • Communication hub – hybrid office arrangements.
  • Welcoming, Agile, Meeting Space and more - see sample solutions to be implemented in the office of tomorrow.
  • How have office models changed?




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The future is hybrid working

Hybrid working is becoming increasingly popular. World-famous giants, such as Google, Facebook or Dell, announce this is exactly how they see their nearest future in the context of workplace organisation.


"Hybrid work comprises working in the office and remote work – performed from home or another place of your choice."


The basic assumptions behind hybrid work are:

  • The office as a place for meetings and employee interaction
  • Partial home work as standard, not benefit.
  • Place of work dependant on the type of activity performer at a given moment



How to arrange office space, so that it supports communication between those who work from home and those who come to the office? To find out, read the report titled Workspace of tomorrow.




According to the study, 61% employers will offer the option of hybrid work.

"A vast majority of office employees would like to combine working in the office with working remotely. A flexible approach to working hours and the place of work is greatly appreciated."


Communication Hub

The hybrid working model will definitely impact the office space as we know it. In the Communication Hub model most of the administrative work is done remotely. The office is a place for meetings and teamwork. This means the proportions of office space need to change – there will be fewer traditional workstations and more meeting places and settings that facilitate collaboration.


"Communication Hub: the office of a company following the hybrid model is a place for meeting, exchanging ideas and building interpersonal relations."


Explore the Communication Hub - let’s meet in the office of tomorrow!



Are you interested in the office of tomorrow?

Would you like to know what the office might look like when it’s ready for the challenges of the new normal? How to design it, so that it can support hybrid work? Will its functions, layout and arrangement change? Find the answers to these question in our latest report Workspace of tomorrow.


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