Short facts

SITAG is a brand by Nowy Styl, an European leader in comprehensive furniture solutions for office and public spaces. The unique business model allows Nowy Styl to provide clients with a comprehensive interior furnishing service, based on an in-depth analysis of the specificity and needs of the client, work efficiency and work organization, ergonomics and acoustics. Thanks to the company’s experience as well as technological and production facilities, each offer is made to measure.

A good understanding of customers’ needs, innovation and an organisational culture open to change has led Nowy Styl to the position of one of the largest and most dynamically developing companies in the industry in Europe.

The SITAG brand has always stood for the rare combination of value and lifestyle. This goes hand in hand with a profound brand awareness and a flair for business developments, for trends and customer requirements. The professionalism applied to the development, manufacture, sales and comprehensive customer care ensures lasting satisfaction with our products. Through the unerring application of these skills, we offer intelligent and sustainable solutions for living and working in the office.



A large number of motivated people work at Nowy Styl, including 110 employees at the SITAG company locations in the areas of production, sales, product management, marketing, planning, service and logistics.

A committed and qualified team is the basis of our success. We therefore train apprentices in the various areas of our company and encourage specific and purposeful further development.

Präsident des Verwaltungsrat

Rafal Chwast

Rafal Chwast

Chairman of the Board of Directors of SITAG AG and Vice President of Nowy Styl sp. z o. o.


Toni Lee

Toni Lee

Board of Directors SITAG AG

"Our penchant for tradition coupled with innovation, for regional identity, combined with internationality makes SITAG unique."


Yilmaz Boduk

Yilmaz Boduk

Managing Director SITAG AG

"Our strengths in the market for over 50 years are, on the one hand, high-quality innovative office chairs and furniture and on the other hand our customer orientation and customer proximity.

Tobias Schotte

Tobias Schotte

Managing Director SITAG AG

"One of the focal points of our work is the wide range of advisory and other services we offer. That's why competent and courteous service in advising, supporting and supplying our customers enjoys outstanding importance."


Product brands of Nowy Styl allow to offer a wide portfolio of products adapted to the needs and expectations of customers. Different brands mean different experiences - they give the opportunity to exchange knowledge and to constantly perfect our solutions.


Nowy Styl – the largest dominant brand with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for offices and public spaces. >>

SITAG by Nowy Styl – a traditional Swiss brand that combines innovative strength with Swiss precision and offers ergonomically mature, functionally well thought-out product lines that are processed with the best craftsmanship. >>

Kusch+Co – a brand recognized around the world for its excellent quality and exceptional design of chairs, furniture and specialist solutions for the healthcare sector and passenger terminals. >>

SOHOS by Nowy Styl – a subbrand with a rich portfolio of good quality solid and ergonomic office chairs at affordable prices. >>

Forum by Nowy Styl – seating and auditorium solutions for lecture halls, cinemas, theatres and sports venues. >>

Manufactoring base

SITAG is a part of Nowy Styl, an international organization, with an advanced and expanded production base in Europe. We manufacture our products in many production plants equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies that are located in Poland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ukraine and Turkey.

Nowy Styl's Office Furniture Factory in Jasło (Poland) is one of the
biggest and most innovative in Europe. It is fully automated. Its technological line ensures full flexibility of production and minimum retooling times. The implemented sorter and specialist board cutting sections, together with lines for veneering narrow edges (including curvilinear laser veneering), are the Nowy Styl’s greatest assets in the market.

SITAG's headquarters are located in Sennwald (Switzerland) with a production area of 12,000 m² and an exhibition area of 1,000 m². The production facility in Switzerland also has innovative manufacturing equipment. This includes also a CNC machining centre (Baz) with laser
edge banding unit, which can process straight, curved and round edges.

ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001:2004 / OHSAS 18001:2007


SITAG products are sold through selected SITAG specialist dealers. SITAG also provides customized project planning, a number of market and customer-oriented service and customer care products in close collaboration with qualified specialist partners.

SITAG combines Swiss precision with innovative force!

Developing and manufacturing superior office furniture and chairs since 1965, we have become a major provider of modern furnishing solutions on the European market.

In the area of tension between innovation, design, lifestyle and technical perfection with Swiss precision, there is a clear, modern brand image. SITAG represent a high quality and unconventional product portfolio.

The range is diverse and extends from ergonomically sophisticated, individually designed office swivel and conference chairs, armchairs and seating units for the reception and waiting area, to systems and exclusive furniture as well as complete conference solutions.

International design awards, like the "red dot award", underline SITAG’S innovative strength and are testament to many years of excellent design skill. Impressive office swivel and conference chairs, thanks to innovative design concepts from internationally renowned designers. Ergonomically superior seating solutions have always been a SITAG speciality, as has our customized made-to-measure office furniture.

SITAG has had a permanent place in the office environment for decades and has always stood for innovative, ergonomically developed products with forward-looking design.

But SITAG is more than a manufacturer of extraordinary office furniture and chairs: SITAG is a brand with its own profile.

Whoever uses our products, can everyday take pleasure from office furniture and chairs that are just as individual as they are themselves: expression of their personal style.

At SITAG people create products of conviction, products that are not only intelligent and functional but also make the office a stylish place to be.

SITAG and Style: two terms that go hand in hand - in all that we say, do or produce. In the truest sende of the word.


Opening of the Nowy Styl flagship points in Sennwald, Bachenbülach and Nyon
Grand opening SITAG-Home of Visions on SITAG Headquarters in Sennwald
Project work on "designs of future workspaces" in cooperation with the University of Liechtenstein
Take-over by the Nowy Styl Group
50 years of SITAG AG
Introduction of laser technology for edging work in the manufacture of office furniture
German sales office opens in Minden Westphalia, with associated sales and service staff
Take-over by the investment group NIMBUS NV with a minority shareholding by the SITAG Management
40 years of SITAG AG
German production sites move from Porta Westphalia to Sennwald, Switzerland
100% independent subsidiary of Samas Deutschland AG & Co. KG
25 years of success on the European market
Involvement by Samas Deutschland AG & Co.KG (formerly SCHAERF AG)
Move to the current company site in Sennwald, Switzerland
Production of functional furniture and furniture systems begins
Production focussing on exclusive office furniture begins
Factory opens in Porta Westphalia, Germany
SITAG AG is founded and chair production begins at St. Margrethen, Switzerland