Frequently Asked Questions

Get the most important answers about SITAG, our office chairs and office furniture here.

How binding are delivery periods?

We make every attempt to keep agreed delivery periods. Delays in delivery do not entitle the customer to withdraw from the contract or make a claim for replacement for any damages arising from such delay. The delivery period begins on the date on which all qualitative and technical details have been definitely settled.

Are samples available?

In special cases and only after making special arrangements can products be made available on a trial basis for a maximum of 60 days. Goods not returned within this period will be considered sold and invoiced.

Can goods be returned?

With the exception of merchandise declared to be a sample, there is no right of return. Returns are only accepted after a previous written agreement has been concluded subject to the goods being shipped back franco domicile with a copy of the delivery note. Credit notes for returned goods are not remitted but instead are set off against billed amounts for other merchandise. Custom orders as well as items ordered for the customer cannot be accepted as returned goods.

How long will it take for my replacement parts to be shipped?

The following periods serve as a guideline for replacement parts:

  • Replacement parts in stock: Shipment within 24 hrs
  • Replacement parts (metal parts not in stock):
  • Shipment within 1 week
  • Padding (e.g. cushions): Shipment within 2 weeks Furniture parts (repairs): Shipment within 4 weeks Expedited orders: Same day for parts in stock, all other parts by arrangement.

How do you handle changes to orders?

Changes to an order are only possible within the first 5 days after order confirmation; however, this will delay delivery by approx. 2 weeks. Any other costs resulting from changes to the order will be charged based on expenses incurred. Custom orders cannot be changed. Cancellation of order places the customer under the obligation of paying for all expenses and costs incurred.

How do you deal with production modification?

We reserve the right to make technical, pricing and design modifications to the products presented and described in our sales material.

What is the warranty period?

We provide a guarantee of five (5) years to cover the structure, the material, and the craftsmanship of SITAG products, on the basis of their average use of eight (8) hours a day, 222 working days per year. This 5-year guarantee does not cover desks with electric or pneumatic/liftmatic height adjustment, upholstery material, pneumatic parts, castors, or gliders – for which we grant a guarantee of two (2) years on the basis of their average use of eight (8) hours a day, 222 working days per year. If the products are used for more than one shift per day, the term of guarantee shall be accordingly reduced. The term of guarantee begins ex works. The SITAG label, which is attached to each item of furniture, shall be determining in this context. Damage to products that may be attributed to improper use shall not be accepted by us as falling under the guarantee. If the SITAG label is removed from the product, this removal shall invalidate the extended manufacturer’s guarantee. The guarantee does not cover damages arising from deviations from standard series models as requested by the Ordering Party. N.B.: The guarantee likewise does not cover the natural wear and tear of product parts such as castors, cover material, gas springs, surface areas, and the like. 

What is your policy for plans and technical documentation?

Plans, configurations, drawings and other documents forming part of an offer shall remain the property of SITAG AG. They must not be copied, disclosed to third parties or used for purposes other than those specified when passed on to a third party. All documents must be returned to us upon request.

How long are offers valid?

Brochures and catalogues are not binding unless an agreement in this regard is entered into. Offers with a specific period of validity are binding. Otherwise, validity shall be 90 days after the date an offer is issued.

Do you have Terms of Sale and Delivery?

The conditions for SITAG AG’s General Terms of Sale and Delivery shall apply exclusively to all material deliveries. These Terms of Sale and Delivery are acknowledged upon placement of an order. Deviations, oral agreements or terms and conditions of the customer shall only be legally binding if they have been confirmed by SITAG AG in writing. SITAG AG reserves the right to make any changes and improvement to its products at any time without further notice in accordance with the state of the art. Obvious errors such as spelling, invoicing or in addition shall not be binding. We reserve the right to modify prices.