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Work just as efficiently at home as in the office!

We plan and realise effective workstations and working spaces every day. We focus above all on products that best support the users in their work.

Is your home office open for business? If not, ask yourself what you could do to adapt yourself and your environment in the best possible way. How can you find the right work-life balance when spending the whole day at home?

To be able to work efficiently within your own four walls, a laptop alone is not enough. Without appropriate tools and equipment you will quickly find yourself buried under a mountain of emails regarding the status of the respective tasks. At the end of each day, you may also have trouble sleeping due to the excessive strain on your back from sitting for long periods.

Therefore, when working from home, the "tools" that ensure an ergonomic workplace should not be overlooked. These have an influence on how long you can maintain concentration and how often you need to take a break from your work – for example, due to an uncomfortable chair. A working computer mouse, a fast laptop, an ergonomic chair and an adjustable desk – all have an impact on your daily productivity.

Some companies offer their employees support when it comes to setting up their workstations. They invest in ergonomic functional swivel chairs and desks, such as stand-sit solutions. The latter are not only practical for employees, but also for their family members because the adjustable desks can also be used by children. Of course, this all depends on the individual possibilities within each company.