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A new issue of the Nowy Styl magazine UPstream has just come out. We worked on the magazine at the time of the pandemic anxiety, so the issue contains quite a lot of references to the present situation. For example, we have looked at changes awaiting the office, airport and stadium industries. Also, we have included an even greater dose of inspiration than ever before. Enjoy the read!

The Nowy Styl corporate magazine UPstream is addressed to Nowy Styl’s business partners and customers, as well as architects, designers and everyone else looking for interesting contents about design and furnishing offices and public spaces. Our magazine has been published in a new revised layout since the previous tenth issue. We want it to bring you more and more inspiration with each new issue, so we keep looking for interesting contents, taking a broad perspective on the community in which we do our business.


The new issue of UPstream!

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Therefore, as is the case with this latest issue, we like to enlist the cooperation of excellent experts from renowned studios and institutions. This is how the two leading inspirational articles in this issue have been written. The first one discusses the future of stadiums, while the second one looks at the organisation of airport terminals in Frankfurt, Vienna and Wroclaw. In both cases, we have included updates brought about by the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the operation of such facilities.

The reality after the pandemic is also the main theme of an interview with Karolina Manikowska, head of our Product Management and Workplace Research and Consulting Departments. What should we expect after the return to our offices, something that has either already happened or is going to happen soon? And how do we find our way around the new reality and overcome a number of safety concerns? The Offices in Times of Uncertainty interview is an introduction to a topic that will no doubt dominate the discussion in our industry for many months to come.

One thing is beyond doubt: a good portion of exercise has always been and will be the basis of a healthy style of work. That is why we have been consistently developing our line of sit-to-stand desks. The e-HAT family has recently expanded with new models, which we are pleased to present in the new products section of our magazine. But the true hero of the product section is the YouTEAM chair, whose subtle elegance and exceptional comfort give contour to the business success of its users.

We also highly recommend reading a feature about the life and work of Luigi Colani – a designer who died last year, who had a huge impact on the development of design around the world. His most famous works include sofas designed for the Kusch+Co brand. They were made in the late 1960s, during Colani’s one-year stay at the company’s Hallenberg plant and, like almost all of his ideas, they were several decades ahead of their time. As a matter of fact, Colani predicted not only the development path of design, but also a disaster, the scenario of which has, in a sense, materialised in the recent weeks.


Traditionally, our table of contents also features examples of the latest projects completed by our company, as well as some surprises. What are they? Read the magazine to find out!