Meet WithME - a chair that will be recognized by all family members!

Are you looking for a chair that will make your home office perfect? Do you want to combine comfort and ergonomics with a visually light design? Do you dream of a chair that covers the needs of different users and supports them both while working and learning? We know your needs and respond to them with our new product - WithME, a chair recognized by all family members. Even by a cat! Watch the movie.


As you could see, WithME works perfectly in homey atmosphere!

Check some great features of this chair:

  • The ability to self-adjust to the user's weight and size makes WithME a perfect chair for the home office, where the whole family can comfortably use the same seating for work, study or play.
  • Transparent, non-intrusive, clean shape and compact dimensions make WithME fit seamlessly into most rooms. If it happens that your home functions as a workplace, WithME is basically the best choice due to its discreet appearance. WithME never dominates, but becomes almost invisible when you slide it under the tabletop.
  •  The impression of lightness goes hand in hand with the actual weight of the chair. It weighs only 10 kg, so lifting WithME is equivalent to lifting a six-pack of mineral water. This light weight makes WithME easy to transport around your workspace, even if it's your two-story house.


If you also find the WithME chair an interesting business solution for your office space or co-working area, you should definitely learn more. CLICK HERE!

All instructions at hand

Scan the QR code attached to the seat with your phone and get more useful instructions about your WithMe chair. It's that easy!


Adapt your WithME to you

If you want, a transparent WithME backrest can be easily transformed into a padded version. Putting on the soft cover is quick and easy, so you can change your mind as often as you like.


Effortless comfort and worry-free maintenance

The WithME chair really cares a lot about the well-being of the user, regardless of age and size. It ensures ergonomics and freedom of movement to support you during hours of creative tasks.

And the last question: Are you happier when you buy more environmentally conscious products? Are you trying to take a "less waste" approach? If so, WithME will convince you, as it is user-friendly, sustainable and ready for decades of use.

Here is the reason:

  • easy assembly in just a few minutes
  • removable seat pads that can be easily removed and washed
  • Key components made of flexible plastic, which is pleasant and washable
  • removable padded back cushion for quick adjustment of the chair to the wishes of the user


Cats know the best place to sit!

When we say that WithME is the favorite chair of all family members, we really mean it! Cat recommendation can not be wrong, because they are professionals when it comes to comfort!


Where to buy the WithME chair? CLICK HERE!