OXO by Nowy Styl

Design OXO according to your wishes!

OXO a product of Nowy Styl

Experience the benefits of tailor-made solutions!

The cabinets of the OXO line convince with a simple and elegant design. They can be perfectly configured as two-sided freestanding elements and can be used equally from both sides.

Thanks to the flexibility of OXO, you can design the cabinets to be open or with different door elements according to your wishes. There is a choice of:

- Sliding doors
- hinged doors
- Flap doors



Design OXO according to your wishes!

In our fast-paced times, a flexible space is extremely practical. Discover all the features of OXO that highlight its adaptability. Every day, you can create a new arrangement that perfectly suits your needs.  

Inspired by children's toys that can be transformed into small architectural elements, OXO offers a concept where the function follows the idea and everything depends on the "builder".





Discover new perspectives for your office!

OXO serves as a room-within-a-room solution that allows you to design creative meeting islands - a modern alternative to traditional meeting rooms with chairs and tables. 

These customised mini-zones and collaborative spaces encourage the exchange of ideas during brainstorming sessions, workshops and trainings.



- Individual design options for the OXO system

- Tool-free assembly

- (Open) cabinets, modular seating or partition walls to build

- Three door variants for cabinets

- Cushions and pouffes for comfortable seating

- Privacy panels for more privacy

- Flexible furniture design, perfect for agile work environments