Perfection in detail

SITAGXILIUM is more than just an office chair. It’s also your partner in daily business. Its functionality, long service life and adaptability ensure that it’s a profitable investment. It guarantees not only dynamic sitting but also a significant reduction in the negative effects of long sitting.

The great number of versions within the SITAGXILIUM family means that it can equip virtually all offi ce areas – beginning with open-plan offi ces, including meeting zones, and extending to executive offi ces. The product line meets all the requirements of a great number and variety of work environments. It provides effective functions not only in classic cell offi ces, but also in offices designed according to the Activity-Based Working Concept. Indeed: SITAGXILIUM above all stands for one prime benefi t: fl exibility.

Awards & Certificates

  • German design award winner 2019
Norbert Geelen

DESIGN: Norbert Geelen

Norbert Geelen, born in 1968, started freelancing for the Italian studio Matteo Thun in Milan following his graduation as an industrial designer at the University GHS Essen. Together with Robert Kilders, he founded the design studio bert&bert in 1997 before becoming self-employed in 2005.

His designs cover a wide spectrum of products, though he has specialized in upmarket furniture design, mainly contract seating and home products. He has demonstrated his abilities as an out-of-the-box thinker. His series are characterized by matching design aesthetics, and at the same time, each product boasts unique features and has been designed with a keen eye for details.


Brake-unloaded castors. Material: polypropylene (recyclable), non-chalking. Load capacity: 50 kg per double castor. Standard with hard castors for soft flooring, if requested available with soft castors for hard floors.

Chair base

  1.  Material: pressure-diecast aluminium (recyclable). Static load capacity > 1,400 kg. The diameter of the chair base satisfies design guidelines for chair dimensions to prevent the chair from tipping over.
  2. Material: synthetic (recyclable). Static load capacity > 1,000 kg. The diameter of the chair base satisfies design guidelines for chair dimensions to prevent the chair from tipping over.

Height adjustment

By safety gas spring with comfortable deep vertical pneumatic cushioning. The gas spring does not support lateral forces. The seat support and the gas spring are not permanently attached to each other. A synthetic sleeve ensures gas-spring protection, which eliminates grease rings and extends the service life of the gas spring.

Mechanical system

  1. The synchronous mechanical system, with automatic adjustment to body weight, adapts to the body weight of each individual user. The opening angle of the backrest is 20 °. The seat and backrest angles can be locked in 4 preset positions.

Material: supporting parts are made of pressure-diecast aluminium (recyclable).

  1. Advanced synchronous mechanical system with setting of lateral spring force by means of a setting wheel on the seat plate. The opening angle of the backrest is especially wide: 30 °. The seat and backrest angles can be locked in 5 preset positions. The standard seat tile is always 5 °.

Material: supporting parts are made of pressure-diecast aluminium (recyclable).

Course of movement

The point-synchronous adaptation to user’s movements eliminates the sliding effect on the user’s back (i.e., there is no “shirt-pulloff” effect). The lumbar zone of the backrest always remains at the same point. The mechanical system can be set to continuous function: this means that the chair automatically adjusts to the movements of the user (dynamic sitting). Mechanical springs allow the user to quickly and easily adjust the pressure of the backrest to his or her own individual needs. These mechanical springs produce pleasant progressively increasing pressure, the farther back the user leans.


Mesh cover: filigree backrest with breathable mesh cover made of elastic 3D functional woven mesh. Available as option with depth-adjustable lumbar support.

Upholstered backrest: the backrest is formed in such a way to provide support in the lumbar zone and to offer good lateral support.

Duoback: the Duoback backrests have two freely movable wings that relieve the spine up to 50 % and that optimally take up the user’s back.

The backrests are height-adjustable by 11 cm in 12 stages.

Available as an option: a headrest.

Seat surface

In the forward zone, with deep waterfall seatfront to prevent constriction of blood hindrance in the thighs. The axis of the seat inclination is in the forward area, to prevent loss of floor contact with the synchronous movement of seat and backrest. Standard always with sliding seat.


3D armrests: height and depth adjustment, and swivel action with Soft Pads.

4D armrests: height and width and depth adjustment, and swivel action with Soft Pads.

XD armrests: height and width and depth adjustment, and 360 ° swivel with Soft Pads.


Cold-moulded foam on upholstery support. Contains no chlorofluorohydrocarbons (CFC). The foam is fire-resistant in accordance with EN 1021, parts 1 and 2.


Backrests: filigree backs, as desired with filigree woven-mesh backrest cover, or with upholstery.

The backrest covers are loosely upholstered onto breathable, open-port moulded foam. This ensures breathability and vapor permeability. The superiority-quality upholstery eliminates for build-up of heat in the chair, which improves bioclimate.

Synthetic materials

The synthetic materials used are marked and can be recycled. The pigments are without heavy metals.


Office swivel chairs in accordance with DIN EN 1335.