Vappa a product of Nowy Styl

What do a training room, a place for formal meetings and a canteen 
and a canteen have in common?

All these spaces serve communication - and promote it. These spaces are open to everyone - no matter what position he or she holds in the company. Meetings and opportunities to share with others are important and sometimes we need a moment to relax and take time out from our work tasks. There is no hierarchy here - there is absolute equality, because a chair is not assigned to any particular person.

Free. Unoccupied. Vapaa.

That is what the Vapaa line is all about - it is open to all. The name comes from Finnish and means "unoccupied" or "free", i.e. "not assigned to any particular person".

"It's important to reject the excessive, but at the same time remain open to new possibilities, which are often an interesting inspiration in the design process."


Nowy Styl team

DESIGN: Nowy Styl team

The Nowy Styl design team consists of interior designers, product managers and engineers. Their expertise and experience, combined with the wishes and ideas of our clients, ensure that each new project is oriented towards global trends and responds to the requirements of modern office spaces and their users.