adapts to every need


The name Utila comes from the Latin word and means 'useful' or 'supportive'. The name perfectly reflects the characteristics of the chair of the chair, which has been designed to offer the user the user maximum comfort and support at work. and support.


Sympathetic and adaptable to the needs of the user

SITAGUtilaPRO is a chair that you will like straight away. It combines ergonomics, comfort and functionality. Whether for working or studying - SITAGUtilaPRO will meet all your expectations.

Thanks to its many options and settings, the SITAGUtilaPRO chair can be perfectly adapted to the individual needs of the user. A synchronous mechanism with seat depth adjustment,
lumbar support, armrests and headrest ensure ergonomic and comfortable working and comfortable working conditions for every user.


Can be used in any room

SITAGUtilaPRO is a versatile chair that fits perfectly into a variety of spaces. Whether for a modern open space office, a co-working area or a government office - the SITAGUtilaPRO product line is an excellent choice. In addition SITAGUtilaPRO is the ideal complement for the home office, as it is not only stylish, but also offers maximum comfort and ergonomic working conditions.


Timeless style

The universal design of SITAGUtilaPRO enriches the interior without dominating it. The chair's shape lends an individual touch to any room. A modern yet timeless design and a wide range of cover fabrics are the characteristic features of this features of this product line.



Oscar Buffon

DESIGN: Oscar Buffon

Oscar Buffon runs his own design studio in Venice. He is mainly focused on designing furniture for residential houses and offices. He has vast experience in creating unique office chairs using modern materials and technological solutions.


The wheels have load-dependent brakes.

Material: Polypropylene (recyclable), non-marking 
Load capacity: 50 kg per double castor 

Standard with hard wheels for carpeted floors, optionally available with soft wheels for wooden and plastic floors.


1. material die-cast aluminium, recyclable; static load capacity > 1,400 kg.
The diameter of the star base is designed so that the tilt safety dimension is maintained.

2. material plastic, recyclable; static load capacity > 1,000 kg.
The diameter of the star base is designed so that the tipping safety dimension is maintained.

Height adjustment

Due to safety gas spring with comfort depth suspension. The gas spring does not absorb any lateral forces. The seat support and gas spring are not firmly connected to each other.


Synchronised mechanism with comfort spring-loaded quick adjustment with handwheel on the side. Backrest opening angle 23°, seat and backrest tilt angle lockable in 5 grid positions. Material: supporting parts die-cast aluminium, recyclable.


The point-synchronised movement means there is no sliding effect in the back (shirt pull-out effect). The lumbar area of the backrest always remains in the same position. The mechanism can be set to continuous function, i.e. the chair automatically adapts to the user's movements (dynamic sitting). The pressure of the backrest can be individually adjusted to the user's needs using a mechanical spring. The mechanical spring ensures that the pressure increases progressively the further backwards you lean.


Mesh cover: Filigree backrest with breathable mesh cover. The height of the backrest can be adjusted in 8 steps by 7 cm.
Upholstered backrest: The backrest is moulded to provide support in the lumbar region and good lateral support. The height of the backrest can be adjusted by 7 cm in 5 stages. Both backrests are also optionally available with an intervertebral disc support.


The front of the seat is strongly rounded to prevent blood congestion in the thighs. The pivot point of the seat tilt is at the front to ensure that the seat and backrest do not lose contact with the floor during synchronised movement. Always with sliding seat and integrated seat tilt (2°) as standard.


T-armrests: height and width adjustable with soft pads.
Multifunctional armrests: height-, width- and depth-adjustable and swivelling with soft pads.


Cold-moulded foam on upholstered panel. CFC free! The foam is flame-retardant in accordance with DIN 75200.


The covers are loosely upholstered on breathable, open-cell moulded foam. This ensures breathability and vapour permeability. The high-quality upholstery prevents heat build-up in the chair (bio-climate is improved).


The plastics are labelled and can be recycled. Pigments are heavy metal-free.


Swivel chair range as per DIN EN 1335