Versi by Nowy Styl

Versi a product of Nowy Styl

Versi is an innovative, multifunctional product that goes perfectly well with a variety of interior designs. With its intuitive form and the extensive colour palette, Versi inspires exploration and creative play with different arrangements. It provides users with exceptional comfort and ease of use, perfectly fitting office, public and home spaces alike. Versi adds a modern touch and functionality to any space.

Nowy Styl team

DESIGN: Nowy Styl team

The Nowy Styl design team consists of interior designers, product managers and engineers. Their expertise and experience, combined with the wishes and ideas of our clients, ensure that each new project is oriented towards global trends and responds to the requirements of modern office spaces and their users.

Bringing art into public spaces

Art has become a vibrant source of inspiration for the Nowy Styl Design Team and Maria Drągowska. They worked together to create Versi. The heritage of the Memphis Group, founded by Ettore Sottsass in Milan, was their key inspiration as they designed this multifunctional product. Sottsass was one of the leading Italian designers and the group was famous for their avant-garde forms, colours and designs that defined the aesthetics of the 1980s.

With its modern form and attractive colour palette, Versi responds to the needs of office spaces. It brings a pinch of artistic sensitivity to the work environment and can be a perfect complement to the design of any room. To put it short: it just rivets the eye.

Ready to use

Versi is an intuitive product ready for instant use. It is characterized by a complementary structure which also saves space. The individual components can be easily deconstructed, so Versi can be quickly transformed into three seats and a functional coffee table. The lightness and mobility of the product bring out its high comfort of use.

Play with form

​With its intuitive form, Versi inspires users to explore and play creatively with different layouts. No matter how you arrange the pouffs, they always look impressive. Indulge yourself in experimenting with form and various configurations.​

Play with colours

Playing with colours is vital to any space, and Versi makes perfect use of it. It allows you to create diverse colour sets to emphasize the unique character of any space or room. Not only does Versi fit perfectly into the aesthetics of any space, but it will also perfectly complement it, making it look absolutely unique.