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The bold, original and eye-catching design of the Denuo chair is like a boost of positive energy, a brilliant idea, a challenge that you want to face. The soaring, geometric line of the backrest brings freshness and good energy to the office. This is how the aura of creativity is born.

Denuo is a chair that contradicts boredom and monotony with each of its features. For instance, the unobvious colour range of fabrics chosen specifically for this model. The trendy burgundy, inspiring emerald green, soft grey and universal blue and black make a perfect match for the colours of the plastic backrest, offering potential for both contrasting and monochromatic combinations. Denuo can build a unique character of any space.

Daniel Figueroa

DESIGN: Daniel Figueroa

Daniel Figueroa was born in Havana in 1965. He graduated from the German Collage of Art and Design in Halle. Since 1995 he has been working as a freelance designer for different furniture manufacturers and other industries. Together with his wife, he runs a design studio in Germany where he designs chairs and furniture for the world's leading brands. He has been given many international awards for his projects.


Ø 65 mm black plastic self-braking castors for soft floors (ESH) as standard, or hard floors (ESHH) as an option. Ø 65 mm grey plastic self-braking castors for soft floors (ESH-G) or hard floors (ESHH-G), both as an option.

Chair base

Five-star base made of:

  • black polyamide (TS29),

  • white polyamide (TS29-W),

  • light grey polyamide (TS29-G)

  • polished aluminium with chrome effect (ST55-POL),

  • aluminium powder-coated in black colour (ST55-BL).

Mechanical system

LP33-ST synchronous mechanism – functions:

  • free floating possibility – backrest and seat tilt synchronously,

  • backrest tilt angle of 23° synchronised with seat tilt angle of 11°,

  • backrest multi-lock in 5 positions, seat multilock in 4 positions

  • quickly adjustable backrest tilt force by means of a controllable knob placed on the right side of the seat,

  • adjustable seat depth – 100 mm,

  • Anti-Shock – a feature protecting the user's back from being hit by the backrest after the lock is released,

  • smoothly adjustable chair height with a pneumatic lift,

  • negative seat inclination angle of 3° tilting with the backrest at 6° guarantees the optimal support for the user's back at each tilted position of the chair (as opton: LP33N-ST).


Mesh and Mesh Plus
Backrest frame is made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide (PA+GF) available in black, white or light grey colour. Backrest upholstered in transparent mesh (MESH version) or in woven fabric with 3D diamond pattern (MESH PLUS version), both available in 5 dedicated colours only.

Manual lumbar suport (LUH2) – made of polypropylene (PP), height adjustment in range of 60 mm, as an option.

UPH/Plastic and UPH/Plastic Plus 
Backrest cover made of black, white or light grey polypropylene (PP), injected foam thickness 51,4 mm, density 75,7 kg/m³. Backrest upholstered in plain woven fabric is available in 5 dedicated colours or upholstered in selected fabrics from price groups 1–4 (UPH/PLASTIC version).

Backrest upholstered in woven fabric with 3D diamond pattern is available in 5 dedicated colours only (UPH/PLASTIC PLUS version).

Manual lumbar support (LSH2) – integrated with backrest, made of polypropylene (PP), height adjustment in range of 70 mm, as standard.

Quality marks and certificates  (for selected product configurations)
GS safety certificate (for users up to 150 kg)
NPR 1813
Blue Angel
Ergonomics tested


4-D armrests

Made of black or white glass fiber reinforced polyamide (GF+PA) with black soft polyurethane (PU) pads. Armrest bar is made of black glass fiber reinforced polyamide (GF+PA) or polished aluminium with chrome effect.

Adjustment range of the armrests:

height adjustment: 100 mm
side movement of the armrests: 40 mm to one side
forward / backward movement of the pad: ±50 mm
side movement of the pad: 20 mm to one side
pad rotation: ±30˚


Structure is made of polypropylene (PP) covered with injected foam, thickness 69 mm, density 52,2 kg/m3. Seat available in 2 colours of plain woven fabric (black or light grey) or upholstered in selected fabrics from price groups 1–4.


 Partially assembled chair (PACK-L) – 1 piece per L-shape box – as standard.
The box contains 3 separate elements:

  • seat with assembled mechanism, backrest and armrests

  • base with assembled castors

  • gas lift

Fully assembled chair (PACK-ASM) – 1 piece per box – as an option.