Belise is a product by Nowy Styl

Belise encourages the user to stay in constant motion ‒ it gives rhythm to fast-paced work and to brief, efficient conversations.

Belise is an unusual bar stool, which for dynamic and creative people can quickly become part of their work style. The moveable seat with adjustable height guarantees freedom of movement and has a seamless, fluid action. In Belise, CRABUS Design Studio has created an unusual piece of furniture – ideal for meeting spaces, companies' dining halls or customer service offices. This interesting design is at the forefront of modern understanding of functionality.

The intermediate half-sitting position that the chair offers is an ideal combination of ergonomic principles and comfort. Sitting without a back means that the spine uses the strength of its muscles to maintain an upright position.

With Belise you can rotate around your own axis, rock from side to side as well as forwards and backwards. This has a positive influence on circulation, reduces muscle tension and allows for a moment of relaxation.

Bernd Crabus

DESIGN: Bernd Crabus

The CRABUS design studio, which was established in 2007, has its headquarters in Germany. Its founders – Stefanie and Bernd Crabus focus primarily on designing office furniture.


110 version: 11-layer beech plywood – thickness 16 mm, 4-layer beech plywood – thickness 6 mm,  foam  density  40 kg/m3, thickness 20 mm.

UPH version: 11-layer beech plywood – thickness 12 mm, foam  density  40 kg/m3, thickness 20 mm.


Structure made of 3-layer beech plywood – thickness 4.5 mm, rubber disc – thickness 3 mm, foam with a density of 40 kg/m3 and thickness 50 mm, and 9-layer beech plywood – thickness 13 mm. Chromium-plated gas lift.