Tapa is a product by Nowy Styl

The line of the Tapa pouffes has been designed to complement office spaces, reception areas and break-out zones. Their unique design adds an exceptional character to an interior, creating an attractive and comfortable informal meeting place.

The modular construction of the pouffes allows for changing their configuration and arrangement. They are perfect as seats or handy tables for putting a laptop. The rotational mechanism ensures movement of the second and third level of the pouffes on a pivot and therefore allows for quick rearrangement.

Tapa line includes also a round table which increases functionality and comfort of using poufs.

Their unique design adds an exceptional character to an interior, creating an attractive and comfortable informal meeting place. The possibility to shade particular pouffe levels or to choose contrasting colours adds an additional aesthetically pleasing effect to the whole arrangement.

Awards & Certificates

  • Iconic Awards 2017
  • Top 100 Büroprodukte des Jahres 2017
  • Active Office Award
Mac Stopa

DESIGN: Mac Stopa

Mac Stopa has over 20 years of experience in designing corporate interiors for the world's biggest companies. The list of his clients includes Coca-Cola, Google, Ericsson, Unilever, as well as Viacom International Media Networks (MTV Networks). He is famous for his unique style. The interiors he designs are modern and non-conventional. They not only reflect and strengthen a company's image, but also create a functional, comfortable and efficient work environment.

Meeting zones

A harmonious team is a creative team. It is a team of people who enjoy the time spent together, trust each other and realise their company's visions by creating interesting projects. That's why, a space designed for holding informal meetings is crucial in contemporary offices. Thanks to movable seats and aerodynamic shapes, Tapa can match any space ensuring the area is used by a few people at the same time. Its informal look creates a pleasant atmosphere, stimulates imagination and increases courage to share it with others.  

Break-out areas

In modern offices a place where people can sit down for a while, take a deep breath and relax in order to continue working with new energy performs a key role.
The modular structure, shapes and movable levels of the Tapa pouffes allow for adjusting modules to the users' backs and shoulders, so that they can feel fully relaxed and step away from the surrounding world for a while.

Reception areas

The first impression is very important. Therefore, a reception zone should not only be functionally arranged, but it also has to catch people's attention and arouse pleasant associations.
The wide colour range of the Tapa pouffes system allows for matching the colour concept to a company's visual identification, while the infinite number of arrangement possibilities enables users to adjust modules to any space easily. The interesting and functional design is an eye-catching element that makes a space acquire a nice atmosphere.