Success stories

Medienhaus Somedia Chur

Accept the unconventional

SITAG delivered over 300 SITAGACTIVE desks in individualized form, over 433 SITAGWAVE operator swivel chairs, sliding-door cabinets from the SITAG cabinet range, cabinets from the SITAG MCS range, many customized products such as the news desk itself, the reception desk, conference desks from the system and exclusive-furniture range, and special versions for the printers and wardrobe areas. The smooth and flawless integration of special and series-production models enables perfect adaptation to customer requirements. In pioneering manner, the building-use concept unites the areas of news, commercial activities and administration – and offers room for around 320 staff.

Work groups can be quickly and easily formed thanks to SITAGACTIVE and the SITAG MCS Caddies. They feature outstanding functional matching and constitute a harmonic whole. 


Customer-oriented flexibility in planning & production

Top planning competency by SITAG is proven again and again. Decades of experience in planning and furnishing of offices with a great variety of requirement profi les and office sizes were also convincing for Somedia. Here as well, SITAG achieved smooth and fl awless integration of special and seriesproduction models. Full consideration of all customer wishes – even down to the last detail – goes without saying.