Customized solutions & services

Our commitment to your success

We not only want to convince, we also want to inspire. For example, with our services in the areas of moving & technology.

The services which are available for your location (country) you will come to know from your local area sales manager.


Better coming into the new spaces

Removals bind time and energy and interfere the day routine. So that your staff can concentrate on the essentials precisely in times like these, we offer a comprehensive removal service.

Our services

  • Planning, organization and implementation of internal and external relocations of offices, archives, IT / servers, special rooms
  • Clear definition of tasks, processes, priorities and deadlines
  • Allocation of boxes and packaging, vehicles and special solutions

Your advantages

  • Relief of the own employees due to the use of well attuned removal teams
  • Exemption of own resources for the core business
  • Clear planning advantages and fixed scheduling


Sparing the environment and your wallet

Old furniture is often a problem. Who will dispose of it? Who will organise a sale to employees? What furniture can still be used? We provide clear answers to all these questions. 

Our services

  • Complete and appropriate recycling, including disassembling
  • Removal and temporary storage

Your advantages

  • Cost benefits when relocating your company, as it is often more cost effective to purchase new furniture rather than moving existing inventory
  • Flexible adjustments to match a new corporate identity and boost employee motivation
  • Thoughtful use of resources and environmental protection