Planning & Consulting

Our commitment to your success

One focus of our work is the very wide range of consulting and support services around the topic of office environments. Therefore a competent and courteous service in advice, support and supply to our clients is an outstanding significance for us.

The services which are available for your location (country) you will come to know from your local area sales manager.

Office Space Concept

Perfactly adviced by the start

For new construction and conversions of office space it is important to know all the processes and procedures in detail. The detailed analysis of our specialists provide important planning information for the optimum furnishing.

Our services

  • Comprehensive needs assessment and analysis of optimization potential (individual services or basic agreement)
  • Footprint analysis (jobs, special areas, area standards and area scenarios)
  • Generation and organization of tenders and framework contracts for furnishings and services

Your advantages

  • Improvement of internal procedures and processes
  • Increase of the efficiency and optimization of the communication paths
  • Increase of employee motivation due to closer cooperation

Space Optimisation

Effectively using spatial resources

Space costs money. Any unused or incorrectly used square metre costs money and reduces the efficiency of the space. We analyse, evaluate and develop effective concepts to improve your spatial situation.

Our services

  • Thorough actual analysis of the current spatial situation (distribution, location, utilisation)
  • Professional target creation incorporating organisation and processes
  • Investigation of the archiving requirements for personal and central storage

Your benefits

  • Better utilisation of usable spaces
  • Reduction of work costs through reduced distances and increased spatial efficiency
  • Superordinate increase of spatial efficiency and improvement of workflow
  • Reduction of energy costs (climate & light)

Interior design

Everything from one source

Architects and interior designers combine and control all services of interior finish and furnishings. They work closely interlinked with all participants and ensure the schedule and the desired result.

Our services

  • Interior design based on architectural services
  • Professional creation of occupancy plans
  • Control of all foreign products and service providers

Your advantages

  • Fewer interfaces and tight integration of all participants
  • Consumption based billing for all planning services

Home Office

Work just as efficiently at home as in the office! If you are working from home, it is important to give some thought to the tools that ensure an ergonomic workplace. These have an influence on how long you can maintain concentration and how often you need to take a break from your work – for example, due to an uncomfortable chair. A working computer mouse, a fast laptop, an ergonomic chair and an adjustable desk – all have an impact on your daily productivity.

Our services

  • Requirements analysis based on your personal circumstances and needs
  • Expert advice and ideal coordination of colours and materials given the existing environment
  • Planning your home working environment
  • Furniture delivery can also be made to private addresses

Your benefits

  • The creation of a workplace that has been perfectly customised to meet your specific needs.
  • Durable office furniture that reflects your personal style
  • Convenient transportation options

✱ Did you know, in 2019 over a third of Swiss employees worked from home? Almost 5 percent did this always, 14 percent regularly, and almost 15 percent occasionally.

Colour and material concept

Create motivating work environments

The safe choice and optimal matching of colors, shapes and materials is crucial to the overall effect of a room. Our specialists will create an atmosphere that supports your tasks.

Our services

  • Expert advice in determining the desired ambience
  • Development of individual color and material concepts
  • Integration of existing corporate identity / design specifications (CI / CD)

Your advantages

  • Create motivating work environments
  • Sophisticated design that bears the company's values ??and supports
  • Funded knowledge of contacts provides reliable results


Strike the right tone

Noise causes stress, which desturbes concentration and reduces work performance. The perfect acoustic for each room, can support the performance.

Our services

  • Office analysis with determination of sound propagation and reverberation time
  • Realistic simulation of the new office premises including equipment and neighbor noises
  • Space planning and allocation of funding under technical sound considerations
  • Acoustical optimization of ceilings, walls, floors and furnishings
  • In addition to traditional services we also provide solutions featuring artistic design as individual eye-catching features

Your advantages

  • Opportunity to optimize the acoustics of the office furniture
  • Improve work performance by reducing noise-related stress


Always on the move

You snooze, you loose. An ergonomically optimized workplace not only ensures sufficient freedom of movement but also brings more dynamism into everyday life. This ensures more satisfied employees and a good working climate.

Our services

  • Specific training on ergonomics in the workplace
  • Ergonomic support for optimal use of our products
  • Individual consulting on the spot
  • Preventive measures for the welfare of employees

Your advantages

  • Ensuring the optimum use of the products
  • Reduced downtime and more motivated employees
  • Increasing productivity

Illuminating athmosphere

Use of plausible ideas

Light can eradiate warmth and motivate or overwhelm and blind the eyes. Therefore, selecting the right lighting is a particularly important factor when it comes to the creation of spaces and workplaces.

Our services

  • Professional analysis of space and develop a lighting concept
  • Including direct, indirect and natural light sources
  • Light measurement and customization of lighting right up to multi-functional work environment

Your advantages

  • Motivating, activity-enhancing ambiance due to the selective use of light
  • Reduce costs by calculating the potential for savings in the use of energy-saving illuminants
  • More relaxed work through improved lighting control


Light and shadow

Too much or not enough light can have a significant negative impact on office work. Screens and shields are therefore crucial factors in office planning which have a positive impact on productivity and general well-being.

Our services

  • Analysis of the light and temperature conditions in the space
  • Demonstration of potential shading systems for interiors and outdoor spaces

Your advantages

  • Perfect lighting configurations and thermal control
  • Different variations of screen and shield systems can be an important design element in room configurations