In furniture design, the selection of optimal materials is a key factor for the value and the success of the  product. Furniture Linoleum from SITAG, with its Desk Top® brands, is a genuine alternative to other surface materials. Furniture Linoleum is a light, elastic material with a warm and pleasing surface feel. The matte surface of the protective layer brightens the lustre of the colours and prevents any disturbing reflection. Furniture Linoleum consists of renewable raw materials. The individual constituents are linseed oil, resin, sawdust, fine pulverized limestone, and nature-identical pigments. The material is biologically degradable and is ecologically unobjectionable over the long life of the products. As long as  the sun shines and rain falls, nature supplies us with all the raw materials that we need for Furniture Linoleum.



Price class 1

4164 salsa

4176 mushroom

4023 nero

4132 ash

The remaining collection is available in price class HOLZ 2 for orders up to 30 running metres. For quantities with more than 30 running metres, orders can be made with price class HOLZ 1.



K231 anthracite


K310 white


K508 silver


K100 black



  • unique, pleasant and warm haptic
  • light and elastic
  • antibacterial
  • naturel material
  • environmentally friendly and bio degradable
  • easy to clean and resistant to fingerprints
  • antistatisch
  • light fast (ISO 105 B02 method3: blue scale at least level 6)
  • No reflection surface



Total thickness


Width of material




Light fastness




Press temperature

Lifecycle analyse



EN 428


EN 426

EN 426

EN 430

EN 433

ISO 105-B02

ISO 2813

EN 435

EN 423

EN 433


2,0 mm

20 colours

1.83 m

≤ 30 m

2,1 kg/m2

max. 0,20 mm

methode 3: blue scale at least level 6

< 5

Ø 50 mm

Short-term exposure of dilute acids, oil, grease no change of the material properties. Not resistant to prolonged exposure to alkalis.

to 70° C

Base for sustainable protection of environmental friendliness

<2 kV

Cleaning and care made easy

  • Remove stains and adhesive residues with soft cloth and water
  • Remove dried adhesive residue with white spirit
  • Afterwards wipe surface thoroughly with a damp cloth
  • Daily maintenance cleaning with soft, lint-free, damp cloth
  • In case of light soiling use a splash of neutral detergent in cleaning water
  • Remove stubborn dirt with neutral detergent (diluted)
  • Afterwards wipe surface with dear water
  • Populate if necessary, the surface with a maintance product
  • Do not use aggressive solvents
  • Do not use a micro-fiber cloth
  • Spot formation due to water draining flower pots, vases or similar objects can be avoided by appropriate underlay or coasters!