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We have a lot going on every day: we develop modern products and solutions, we deliver interesting projects for offices, stadiums, hotels and airports, and we grow as an organization, acquiring more and more companies and entering new sectors of business. We publish the latest news about the life of our company in the UPstream magazine: a source of fresh information about us and our offer, and a solid portion of inspiration.

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UPstream #11

Fate just loves to play tricks on us. We experienced this very clearly in recent months, as the world became helpless in the face of the pandemic overnight. It took us some time to find a way around the new realities, getting used to the many restrictions and defining the rules of behaviour to return to everyday life. So, did we succeed? The latest issue of UPstream broadly discusses the impact of coronavirus on our industry: the operation of offices and public spaces. However, by no means did we want the pandemic to dominate our pages. On the contrary: we have made every effort to ensure our readers can find even more inspiration and interesting contents in it than before. We especially recommend the articles about:

  • The work of Luigi Colani – an outstanding designer linked with our brand Kusch+Co, whose vision of design was several decades ahead of its time.

  • Behind the scenes of operating airport terminals and designing gigantic stadiums, about which we talked to renowned experts in the aviation and architectural industries.

  • Our new products, including the YouTEAM chair, whose subtle elegance and exceptional comfort give contour to the business success of its users.

  • Plus: astonishing articles about the “fashion” career of our flagship stadium seat Abacus, and the space arrangement habits of… fish, birds and animals.

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