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SITAG – Home of Visions 2.0

Workspaces for greater productivity and creativity

Work takes place in different spaces and situations and is constantly evolving due to technological developments. As the way we work changes, so too do the spaces in which we work. The Home of Visions 2.0 at our headquarters in Sennwald, Switzerland, showcases 1,600 m² of office and work concepts in a clear and flowing language of colour and form that expresses one thing above all else—people’s love of life.

Work—an expression of vitality

Work is as much a part of life as eating and drinking. Not only does it provide a livelihood, it is also an expression of meaning and joy—of vitality. Workspaces should enable people to work efficiently, effectively and creatively, contribute their expertise, and feel comfortable interacting with others. With the new Home of Visions 2.0, we have created space concepts with innovative products that consistently express this vitality, energy, and love of work and life. 

Every company and every employee works according to their own needs and characteristics and, therefore, has individual needs in terms of space. The Home of Visions 2.0 showcases state-of-the-art furnishing concepts that consistently focus on working people and their needs in life. All the solutions enhance the ability to share knowledge and help to organise work efficiently and effectively.

Meeting rooms as creative spaces

Working in interdisciplinary teams and alternating between home and office will continue to be important in the workplace. Technology allows us to “work anywhere, anytime”. What “new work” could mean in concrete terms for individual companies can be seen in design concepts that are variable and easily adaptable to new circumstances. Our innovative office furniture is modular and can be easily adapted to changing needs. All our interior concepts focus on ways of working that are characterised by the essential elements of movement, communication and tranquillity.

Meeting rooms are becoming increasingly important in office design. While focus work may be carried out in the home office, people still go to the office to meet, discuss and actively exchange ideas with colleagues. Therefore, the meeting room must promote team interaction and be a “brainwork creative space”. The solutions on show at Home of Visions 2.0 do more than just transform meeting rooms into places for creative collaboration.

Clever space systems for undisturbed working

The trend is towards innovative office concepts that optimise the use of our most important resources—knowledge and skills—in the digital world of work, promoting effectiveness, efficiency, motivation and innovation. 

We develop customised office furnishing concepts for our customers, tailored to their specific needs and working environments, because we know that every company and every employee is different and needs to be considered individually.

Office space with your corporate identity

Harald Naegeli is internationally recognised as a leading figure in the world of street art. His provocative stick figures are famous far beyond his home town of Zurich. He started spraying his graffiti on the walls of Zurich in 1977, and in the next two years he left his mark on hundreds of walls in the city. It is estimated that between 400 and 600 of his works embellish these concrete surfaces. In the 1990s, SITAG’s founder Migg Eberle commissioned the legendary “Sprayer of Zürich” to create two works of art for our headquarters in Sennwald. The company still treasures them today, and they will of course also be on show in the SITAG – Home of Visions.

On 1,600 m², you too can experience what makes the offices of the future so special. Contact us if you would like to fulfil your individual furnishing wishes, and let our concept and planning team advise you!

We would be delighted to present our concept for productive, performance-enhancing work in person. Make an appointment now and come and visit us at SITAG – Home of Visions 2.0. We look forward to your visit!

Appointments can be made by phone on +41 (0) 81 758 18 18 or by email to info@sitag.ch