Cadeira is a product by Nowy Styl

This multifunctional chair is an excellent choice for conference, training and meeting rooms.

The simple design of the Cadeira chair offers comprehensive solutions. The wide range of versions: upholstered, laminated or in stained plywood, allows for adjusting the product to various needs.

Seat and backrest

The following options are available for the Cadeira models 4L, 4L-ARM / FRONT, 4L-ARM:
Wood – no upholstery, seat and backrest made entirely of wood. Seat shell made of 8-layer plywood, thickness 10.5 mm.
Seat-Plus (upholstered seat pad) – seat pad made of 3-layer plywood (thickness 4.5 mm), covered with foam (density 25 kg/m³, thickness 15 mm). Backrest made of wood.
Plus (separately upholstered seat pad and backrest pad) – seat pads made of 3-layer plywood (thickness 4.5 mm), covered with foam (density 25 kg/m³, thickness 15 mm). Back of the backrest made of wood.
B-Plus (front part of the chair fully upholstered) – pad made of 3-layer plywood (thickness 4.5 mm), covered with foam (density 25 kg/m³, thickness 15 mm). Back of the backrest made of wood.
A-Plus (fully upholstered seat and backrest) – plywood seat shell made of 8-layer beech plywood (thickness 10.5 mm), covered with foam (density 25 kg/m³, thickness 20 mm (seat); 15 mm (backrest); 10 mm (back and bottom of the seat shell)).
LL (LAMINATE) – plywood seat shell made of 8-layer beech plywood (thickness 10.5 mm). Laminated wood components (with non-laminated plywood edges, protected with wax) – option. 15 wood colours available.
WALL PROTECTION SYSTEM – 40 mm distance between backrest and the wall (prevents the wall from being scratched).

Link for connecting chairs into rows

CLICK-J4 – link for connecting chairs into rows; consists of a hook and a buckle made of a Ø 6 chromium-plated rod. The click can be hidden under the chair seat while not used. Chairs with CLICK J-4 can be stacked. 
CLICK-J3-NRM – link for connecting chairs into rows with a place for interchangeable magnetic numbering. The click consists of a Ø 6 chromium-plated rod, plastic sockets for seat and row magnetic number plates and a plastic catch. Plastic elements are made of polyamide reinforced with glass fiber. The click can be hidden under the chair seat while not used. Chairs with CLICKJ3-NRM can be stacked. 

  • dedicated for 4-leg chairs (max leg diameter: 25 mm, max rear leg angle: 18°),
  • distance regulation: 60 mm, 7-step distance, adjustment lock function (10 mm stroke),
  • distance adjustment marking,
  • floor mounting option,
  • distance adjustment for AXO versions with glides G17F G3, G3F: 410–470 mm.

The linking system is made of: a steel bar 40 × 4 mm, steel tube Ø 54 × 3.2 mm, steel foil 1 mm thick, and PP slide bearing. Powder-coated in black, RAL 9005. ROWLINK EN14703 Link for connecting chairs into rows.
It consists of 4 elements made of 4 mm foil. Two pieces are screwed to the chair frame with M6 screws and two central ones are assembled with a M10 screw. Chairs with ROWLINK EN14703 can be stacked. 


ntegrated with the chair frame.
Armrest pads made of 10-layer plywood (thickness 12 mm) dyed, laminated or plastic.
4L-ARM / FRONT model – a chair to be hung on the table top. 
Plastic armpad is made of polypropylene reinforced with glass fiber.

Hanger for Cadeira tablets

Hanger for Cadeira tablets can store up to 25 tablets. It can be dissembled into a pair of legs and two bars. Frame made of steel tube Ø 22 × 1.5 mm. Pair of legs and the bottom bar are powder-coated in RAL 9006, while the upper bar is chromium-plated. Castors with a brake.

Writing tablet

Writing tablet (right- or left-hand version) made of 8-layer beech plywood (thickness 12 mm). Frame made of Ø 12 rod, chromium-plated. Joints made of polyamide with glass fibre. Available for the Cadeira 4L-ARM model only. Available also in laminate. 


Chair frame made of chromium-plated steel tubes: 
Legs – tube Ø 22 × 2 mm. 
Front / back linking unit, armrest bracket – tube  Ø 22 × 2.5 mm.
Stacking: up to 6 pieces.


Glides made of polypropylene. Self-levelling glides for hard or soft floors – the chair with glides is approx. 20 mm higher.
Acoustic glides – special structure reducing noise emitted by glides by over 50% as compared to standard glides. Glides cause no scratching of surfaces – the chair with acoustic glides is approx. 10 mm higher.