Tri.ply a product of Nowy Styl

Tri.ply modular pouffe system has been created based on elementary shapes.  This innovative product offers unlimited arrangement possibilities. The round pouffes, which are the heart of the collection, will add a modern and stylish touch to any interior. With Tri.ply, even the largest spaces will get a new life thanks to extensive arrangements which can be freely customised.  On the other hand, single pouffes will be the perfect addition to smaller rooms, giving them elegance and functionality.​





Rafał Rogozik

DESIGN: Rafał Rogozik

Rafał Rogozik founded his own studio in 2010. From the beginning, he was interested in creating on various scales, focusing on designing interiors, exhibition spaces, products and furniture. His works in each of these fields have been honoured with awards and distinctions in a numer of competitions. When creating furniture, he seeks new but clear concepts that will encourage the audience to explore the origins of the products. He considers this aspect to be as important as functionality and aesthetic values in his  pursuit of designing user-friendly objects. 

Harmonious blends, contrasting accents

​Different colours and selected types of upholstery can be combined within a single pouffe. Choose the easy-to-clean Silvertex fabric for the side surface and then customise the seat according to your preference. ​

For extra comfort

A large pouffe can be fitted with a backrest for excellent back support and  to separate the seats.

Usability in a simple form

​The wooden tablet can be easily attached to the pouffe module to create a unique combination. It is not only a stylish accessory, but also a practical solution.​