Naudu is a product by Nowy Styl 

Everyone likes this moment at work – a break, a minute to catch breath, time when we leave the desk and sit on the sofa or armchair. Regardless of whether it is a moment of relaxation, informal conversation or waiting for a meeting, the streamlined shapes and soft finishes of Naudu create an open and cosy atmosphere.

Making a choice means having options and that's inspiring!

Three types of base and plenty of finishing options mean that the total look of Naudu sofas and armchairs depends on your own imagination.

Every space is created by shapes and colors.

Regardless of the type of space, you can count on Naudu. It looks great in a modern office, a fashionable waiting room or a canteen full of plants. Timeless design of Naudu does not dominate the style of space but smartly complements it.

Everyone needs sometimes a moment just for oneself.

We are looking then for a calm and quiet place, comfortable furniture and inspiring space. Naudu is a perfect match if you need to arrange your cosy but functional home office.

Seat and backrest

Upholstered shell (backrest with integrated armrests and a connected seat) (UPH) Structure of backrest with integrated armrests is made of 8-layer beech plywood, thickness 9 mm, covered with flame retardant cut foam, thickness 20-40 mm and density 50 kg/m³ (front) and cut foam, thickness 10 mm and density 35 kg/m³ (back). 

Seat structure is made of 12-layer beech plywood, thickness 18 mm, covered with cut foam, thickness 45 mm and density 40 kg/m³. Fully upholstered shell (A-PLUS) as standard.


4-leg frame: Self-leveling glides for soft floors (GBP) as standard or self-leveling glides with felt for hard floors (GBPF) as an option.

Sled frame: Transparent glides for soft floors (GT) as standard or with felt for hard floors (GTF) as an option.

4-leg wooden frame: Glides for soft floors (GB) as standard or with felt for hard floors (GBF) as an option.

Base / Frame

4-leg frame – made of steel tube Ø 22 × 2 mm

Sled frame – made of rod Ø 11 mm.

Finish options:

  • powder-coated in Signal white colour RAL 9003 (E-WS),
  • powder-coated in Jet black colour RAL 9005 (E-BL),
  • chromium plated (E-CR).

4-leg wooden frame – legs made of solid beech wood, bars made of beech plywood.

Finish options:

  • natural beech (E-1.007),
  • stained beech with slightly visible wood grains (E-2.***).

Rules of upholsteries matching

Upholstery type is the same for each upholstered element.

Upholstery colour can be mixed for the inner side of the shell and seat (one colour) and the outer side of the shell (one colour).



Technical regulations, approvals and quality marks (pending)

Remodex (durability certificate) – approvals compliant with EN 13761, EN 1728, EN 1022, EN 15373 level 2.


  • Armchair – 1 piece per box (assembled).
  • Sofa – 1 piece per box (assembled).